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Affects of Genetic Research facilities in forested areas

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A press conference was held on 29th of July by the Young Zoologists Association of Sri Lanka against the construction of genetic research center near the Sinharaja  tropical Rain forest in Sri Lanka.

Speaking at the conference Mr. Piyal Parakrama stated that this research center will smuggle the most of the endemic species inside the rain forest. He further accused a leading biologists in Sri Lanka for supporting the project. The proposed site of the research center is located in the southern province of Sri Lanka and near the Sinharaja Tropical Rain forest. This project was carried out by several leading tourism corporations in Sri Lanka. Meanwhile the stake holders of this project stated that this research facility has nothing to do with genetic smuggling and the purpose of this center was to provide research facilities for environmentalists and zoologists in the country. They also confirmed that the hotel is built on a private land located 2 Km away from Sinha Raja

During the press conference they also discussed the controversial issue regarding the baby tuskers in Sri Lanka where the baby tuskers were forcibly taken away from their mothers for a traditional ceremony in Sri Lanka. These two baby elephants was taken way from the pinnawala orphanage recently. The two baby elephants has been beaten by iron poles and one of the baby elephant's have lost the tusk while trying to escape

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